Canada Pension Disability - I didn't get a book that is delivered to my mail super box every month

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I am getting so fed up with the way they deliver my mail I have been living in my home for 22 years and they deliver my mail to a super box. I have a very hard time to get to the mail box and when I don't get mail I get every month that I didn't receive this month and you are going to put super boxes all over Moncton and you don't even get your mail because you can't put the right mail in the right slots, when I get someone else's mail I take it to them or call that person to pick up mail that should have been delivered to 28 Briardale, and I live at 28 Briarlea Drive so they have been making so much mistakes now and wait till you put all super boxes for mail to everyone here in the city and they have been making mistakes delivering for 22 years as that is the only way I get my mail.

I am upset and very angry with the mail delivery now. I am on Canada Pension Disability and I have asthma COPD and my breathing is getting worse each day and I have a hard time now to get my mail and I don't have a car to pick up my mail. Plus I went on Monday February 17, 2014 and my walking is hard to do so someone droped me by the mail super box and I had to climb over a steep mound of snow and I fell before on the street and I never got money from the city of Moncton, but I will sue the post office if I fall on your super box area because I feel I am getting older and you deliver this way and I feel so sorry for other elderly people and the area is slippery with ice as well some times. I feel here in Canada you don't want people to have jobs that you are taking away from the postal carriers and you always got your mail that belonged to you not someone else's, I lived with my parents for years and they never had wrong mail delivered to them that belonged to someone else.

It is time to stop the super boxes and the super boxes you have put in my area should be taken away and bring the mail to our house as I get my newspaper delivered to my home so you better start delivery our mail to my home and then there will not be mistakes like they do now. From a concerned customer and a disabled as I am soon I won't be be able to get my mail. By they way there are times I went to the mail super box and the person doesn't lock the boxes after he puts the mail in the slots and you say this is the way you will save money and maybe we should sue the Canada Post if we have are mail stolen as I receive checks in the mail at times and I will so this is how you want to run your Canada Post. Cut , cut cut and put more people out of work and then Canada will be in more debt then they are in now because you want to take people's jobs away just to save money all you are doing is going to lose a lot more business because noone will be using Canada Post we will go to perulartor courier, or UPS or Fedx to get our mail delivered right to our front door.

One time my parents would give the mailman a gift at Christmas time and the mail was delivered snow storms, ice storms, etc and we always had excellent services then. I don't like the stamps you use now because you don't use the Queens Head on the stamp and when they did use that stamps it was classified as Royal Canada Post. So you let go of the Queen, now the mail couriers, and then you think you are going to make better money and charge people $1.00 per stamp. You are not going to have any mail to deliver now so you might as well close Canda down because everything will be dead.

There will be a lot more people with mental health problems because you are taking good people that work now and putting them out of work. You do not respect the union, I was in a union and I was a worker for the government and we fought to keep our jobs but today the government don't want unions and the way the government is going today there will be noone working and a lot more people living in poverty, and going to food banks, and live on the street because they have no job and no money to live, the government refuses to give people their EI and you don't have enough help from social development to give out money. Canada is going to suffer great loss just like the way they treated the CN Railway and shops by closing them, you are laying off workers in the hospital and when you need care to be done when you are a patient and the care is not there is because you put out workers out of work, so we might as say Good Bye to Canada Post too as that is what the goverment is doing because as long as the prime minister, and his members in parliament work they are the only ones that have a job and now they let every person that did work go there won't be money to pay the members of parliament there wages because you put all the tax payers out of commission!

OH WHAT A WEAK CANADA WE HAVE! Linda Holliday a true voter!

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